Wild Fennel Gourmet Seasoning

by Wild Fennel Co.

$5.50 NZD
Wild Fennel Co. is a range of gourmet seasonings for meat and fish, inspired by traditional flavour pairings from around the world.
Designed by a passionate chef - these 100% natural flavour sensations are a simple solution to preparing great food at home, making the headache of 'what to cook?' disappear.
Each 30g sachet contains a unique crafted food seasoning for 2-3 family sized meals and can safely be extended to vegan diets; versatile to use with any dish from tofu to tempeh, quinoa to kedgeree. Be creative, or simple, but never boring!
Choose from a tempting range of flavour options:

Mustard - Onion - Tarragon

A robust, aromatic blend with a sweet finish. 

Sweet Paprika - Dill - Coriander

A colourful sweet seasoning. Try on a pan-seared salmon or flavour plain natural yoghurt to create a beautiful dip or accompaniment.

Sumac - Cumin - Mustard

A dry, salty seasoning with citrus fruit notes.  Try on lamb chops, roasted leg of lamb, potato wedges, or grilled fresh fish.

Smoked Paprika - Cayenne - Garlic

A vibrant, smokey rub with a spicy kick.  Try on barbecue ribs, pulled pork shoulder or loin chops. Add unique flavour to roasted peanuts, or a cheese toastie.



This product is sold as an add-on to add something extra to one of our gift hampers. We recommend All the Best, Salad Stars, Du Sel and Domestic Goddess.