Molly Woppy Artisan Cookies

by Molly Woppy

$8.50 NZD


 Chocca Choc Chip

Traditional buttery shortbread, just like how Grandma made, but loaded with chocolate chips. A modern twist on a classic recipe. Baked with NZ butter and real vanilla beans.


Ginger Almond Brazil Nut Biscotti

Featuring premium crystallised ginger, freshly roasted nuts and an irresistible crunch, our Ginger, Almond, and Brazil Nut Biscotti are a treat for food lovers. Made in New Zealand using ethically and locally sourced ingredients, these delectable bites are a truly crunchy sensation.


Molly Woppy

Molly Woppy is on a mission to bring happiness to the world, one cookie at a time. We are inspired by the joy of seeing the pure delight on someone’s face when they experience a Molly Woppy moment.

We are a family owned company born from our passion of baking, along with our passion for preparing and devouring delicious treats, inspired by a lifelong love of food.

Let’s live as fully and as deliciously as possible.