Honey Wrap

by Gift Saint

$15.00 NZD

Honeywrap is a reusable, eco-friendly food wrap.   

For wrapping cheeses, lunches, leftovers, salads, snacks on the run and much more. Honeywrap is made with 100% organic cotton blended with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.  This perfect combination makes the cloth tacky which can then be shaped over your food and dishes. It makes food last longer, look amazing and can be used again and again. 
... and most importantly its reusable, reduces waste and is good for the planet.

Make your lunch look fantastic and impress your work colleagues. This size is perfect for covering a couple of decent size sandwiches and doubles as a mat to eat off. It makes a brilliant salad bowl cover. They could cut it down into two pieces for wrapping small bits of cheese. We find it awesome for keeping a 1kg block of cheese (no more crusty dry edges!).


1 x Large honey wrap. Size 35 x 33 cm.