by Gift Saint

$18.00 NZD

Add a delectable trio of J. Friend & Co NZ botanical honey pots to any gift box.

New Zealand Native Botanicals - three hand packed glass jars featuring Manuka, Pohutukawa and Kamahi Honey. These varietals are unique to New Zealand with exotic gourmet quality. Start the day on a high note with this delicious breakfast boost.

Cheese Pairing Honey Collection - displaying unique textures, flavours and aromas, these three mouth-watering honey varietals are perfect partners for cheese and crackers. Wild Thyme, Blue Borage and Kamahi Honey - yummo!

Tea Pairing Honey - did you know that honey has a natural affinity with tea? This collection pack provides tasting notes and tea pairing suggestions to enlighten the taste buds. Beechwood Honeydew Honey, Blue Borage Honey and Manuka Honey. Afternoon delight.