Regifting. The dilemma of unwanted gifts.

Recently we were asked for our opinion on "regifting" for a television article post Mother's Day!

Definition of Regifting | Dictionary

What is regifting? Well it's simply when you give away a present you received to someone else as a gift. It can be something you do intentionally or unintentionally and it's not necessarily wrong or right.

It's tricky to give a fast answer as to whether regifting is all right or not. With regard to Mother's Day, there will always be some who aren't overly thrilled with what the kin picked for them. But it's whether to let them know it - is it worth it? Complaining about the waste of money might put the kids (or husbands) off and result in nothing bought for Mother's Day next year. Some thought and effort is better than none!

The best advice when receiving a present that's a wee bit marginal is to fake it, pretend you love your gift; hide your disappointment. You may not have hoped for that air fryer or fitness tracker but think positive - it was a gift chosen for you.

If you believe someone else would love that gift more, then you might find a genuine way to hand that on without hurting anyone's feelings. The planet can do with less clutter so "recycling" is a more positive way to look at regifting.

It's worth thinking consciously about waste when you buy gifts. If you steer towards quality that lasts longer, or causes less harmful impact on the environment and people's well being rather than being cheaper and disposable, then it is not a waste. Choosing sustainably made products when gifting is a consideration that adds virtue and passes on when regifted. Not only are you opting for a product that's better, you're also supporting the smaller businesses that make these things.

Our Eco-friendly gift collection is a range that's good for the planet and an excellent starting point when you're stuck for a gift. All the items have those qualities we just mentioned and if they end up recycled, it's a good thing. Just about every product in our store is worthy of regifting in our opinion. If someone wants to pay your gift forward then be happy, not offended, because it's true, it's the thought that counts. #thinksustainable







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