Gifts for All Types

The good thing about watching reality TV, is that you feel infinitely more normal and better about yourself, and grateful to your family and friends just for not being crazy!

In this business, we get to send gifts out every day for all sorts of reasons and to all types of people. We put together ideas that we think most people would love. But, at the end of the day, no matter what a person buys for one another, it's the thought that counts and that thought comes from you. You are the one thinking to do something nice for someone else, based on what you know about them, and that's what makes it meaningful. 

You might see the perfect thing to give your best friend because of a special memory you share or maybe just because she said she liked it once. 

We enjoy writing the gift messages and feeling the sentiment that goes into a sending a gift. It helps us see there are all types of people out there and we're always intrigued at what makes them connect with our store. Is it the choice of products we have? Is it the speed and saving time factor? Is it the sheer experience of receiving an indulgent surprise?  In a world of instant gratification, sending a gift is a relatively long process. We all want to hear that it's arrived and hope the recipient is thrilled.  

We think about these things when we go about our daily business and we want you to know that we're always striving to provide the service we'd want if we were in your shoes.

Our gift tip for this month, inspired by Cyrell and Martha on Married at First Sight is a Hydrating Facial Mask which any type of girl can use. It's a surge of nutrient rich moisture and a cooling pick me up (and calm me down) when temperatures are raging.

We have loads of amazing gifts you can send to pamper her.  If you have a girlfriend in need of a pick me up, a little skin treatment in the mail is a lovely idea. Browse our full range of gifts For Her and create a gift that's made especially for her.



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