Soap Bon Bon

by Dan300

$21.00 NZD

Soap bonbon (200g) makes a gorgeously fragrant gift extra that comes with an inspirational message, wrapped in arty design papers. 

Choose from 4 inspired soap designs:

Celebrate - French Pear

Balance - Almond & Milk

Joy - Almond & Milk

Love - Spearmint & Peppermint

Peace - Almond & Milk


Each candy wrapped soap unveils an inspirational message when unwrapped.

Product Details

  • 200g soap
  • Size : 26 x 4 x 6 cm
  • Packaging & Soap Made In Australia

Soap Details - The fragrant 200g soap bar wrapped in your inspirational message wrapper is a triple milled, free of nasty sulphates, parabens and not tested on animals and made with *certified sustainable plant palm base.

Ingredients - sodium palmate, aqua (water), glycerine, sodium chloride (salt), fragrance, *plant based palm oil.

The DAN300 inspirational soap candy can be used as a regular soap wash, stored in linen drawers as a fragrant treat or kept as a memento or offering to remember your inspirational message daily.