Can of Wine

by Gift Saint

$8.90 NZD

A single serving of wine, fresh every time.  

These gorgeous little cans are a smart innovation offering the quality of bottled wine in a convenient 250ml can. Enjoy a glass and a half of wine anywhere, without the glass waste. 

Add a couple of these pretty and petite wine singles to a gift box!



Joiy is an internationally awarded New Zealand sparkling wine in a Prosecco style. 100% pure and natural. Produced in stylish mini bottles it offers convenience and sophistication for any occasion. A leader in the Lifestyle Wine category, handcrafted and authentic.

“Joiy is a celebration of Life. The antidote to the ordinary. It sings of citrus and limes. Inside each bottle is a delicate aromatic wine infused with soft bubbles. Twist the lid and release a little mischief” Chris Archer, founder & winemaker.

Archer McRae Beverages is a New Zealand company that originated in Wellington and has achieved success in Australia, Canada and China. The founders Cath Hopkin and Chris Archer continue in the business and stay true to their philosophy of ‘Global Brand, Local Product’ – supporting innovative local businesses where possible. It is the first New Zealand sparkling wine to be released in a 250ml slimline can and the first New Zealand wine company to produce a New Zealand/Australian blend from two of the best wine regions in the Southern Hemisphere (Waipara and Clare Valley).