Wheat Bag

by Camden Co.

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$49.50 NZD

A beautifully thoughtful take on the humble wheat bag. This product is proudly handcrafted in New Zealand from locally grown wheat and locally sourced fabric. 

Scented with sweet orange and a hint of lavender, the wheat bag provides natural therapy for cold nights, chills, aches and pains, sore muscles and neck tension. 

Each bag comes in its own labeled brown box with heating and cooling instructions.

This Linen range comes with a removable and washable slip cover. 


Dimensions = 450mm long  x 140mm wide.

Fabric: 100% French Flax Linen

Colours: Dove Grey, Terracotta or Sage


The perfect start to creating a winter warmer gift box, get well soon, or for someone who deserves a little R & R. 

Try matching with a Latte Lab drink in Matcha, Red Velvet, and Turmeric for a comforting gesture or a lovely perfumed candle and set of notebooks for a loved one confined to bedrest. Design your own gift hamper for every occasion!