Turkish Towel

by Maybe

$39.50 NZD

Turkish towels are quick drying and become softer and more absorbent with each wash. They can be used as a beach towel or a bath towel. Say goodbye to damp towels in the bathroom! Perfect to take travelling or to the gym as well. Compact, stylish and functional.

100% Pure Cotton - Made in Turkey

100 x 180cm  



Wash or soak before use to increase absorbency

Tighten tassels before first wash

Wash at no more than 30 degrees and 800 spins

Line dry or tumble dry on low

Avoid fabric softener

Add vinegar to the wash occasionally to remove residues



Lightweight, compact and quick drying, Turkish towels are the perfect addition to any suitcase. Wherever you’re heading off on your holiday, be sure to pack one of these outstanding Turkish cotton towels.

It’s this failsafe combination of premium cotton and the traditional weaving technique that creates a soft, absorbent and long lasting product.

100% cotton, all their products are of the highest quality and are both durable and soft (we’ll let you in on a little secret – the more you wash your Turkish towel, the softer it gets!)

They’re perfect for backpacking: these light towels are quick dry, easily foldable and perfect for the great outdoors. Whether you’re camping, glamping or caravanning our products are just right – plus, they’ll easily fit in a backpack.

If you’re heading out across the ocean, our travel towels will do you just right – after all, they’re the ultimate boating towel. They’re wonderfully compact and they dry, as quick as a flash! Essential for kayaking, windsurfing and kiting...