Sonny Angel Doll Miniatures

by Sonny Angel

$18.50 NZD

Adorable Sonny Angel is a pocket collectible that kids just love to take around to protect them.

Each box hides an angel figurine complete with wings. They wear only their 'birthday suit' and a unique headpiece.

There are 12 Sonny Angels in each series but each angel is a secret. This means you won’t know which angel are getting, not even we know! The angel pictured on the box you get is not necessarily the one that's inside. The packaging shows pictures of all 12 in the series so children know when that series is fully collected.

8cm high, not suitable for under 3 yrs.

Animal series 1:
Cheetah, Cock, Elephant, Panda, Monkey, Tiger, Crocodile, Koala, Dalmatian, Frog, Rabbit, Lion

Animal series 2:
Fawn, Pig, Lesser Panda, Giraffe, Parakeet, White Bear, Uribou, Rhinoceros, Cow, Mouse, Reindeer, Sheep

Animal series 4:
Horse, Goat, Chihuahua, Shiba inu, Mongoose, Hamadryas baboon, Calico cat, Skunk, Japanese crane, Peacock, Duck, Snake

Sonny Angel dolls can be found at all good toy stockists so your recipient can collect more.