Rocket Man

by Gift Saint

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$59.00 NZD

Hand crafted whisky, chocolate and a pair of stone cold shot glasses make a legendary gift:

1 x Manuka Wood Smoke Whisky, 100ml pocket size.  Made from 100% New Zealand grown malted barley.

2 x Teraforma shot glasses made of soapstone. Freezer-safe.

1 x Hogarth, NZ Craft Chocolate Milk Hazelnut Log. 

Presented in a reusable wooden gift box with sliding lid and ribbon. What nicer way to treat someone who deserves a little indulgence.


All the qualities you expect of a New Zealand company, Thomson Whisky set about creating the best spirit they could afford, to give New Zealanders a whisky their compatriots could be proud of. Small batch production means these guys can do it how they like it. 

Thomson is a NZ craft whisky for the modern enthusiast. Artisan. Premium. Progressive. 

Hogarth Craft Chocolate from Nelson, NZ won gold at the 2017 International Chocolate Awards.