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Gift Saint - Wood Grilling Planks & Gourmet Seasonings Set
  • Gift Saint - Wood Grilling Planks & Gourmet Seasonings Set
  • Oak wood grilling planks | Gift Saint (NZ)
  • Gift Saint - Wild Fennel Co. Gourmet Seasonings
  • $44.90 NZD

Some people take their BBQ'ing very seriously and this tidy selection of gifts is designed to compliment the chef with high standards.  Grilling on oak planks gives food a unique and natural smoke flavour.  Balance with two gorgeous seasonings and a gourmet meat glaze.

Your gift includes:

1 x Set of Oak Grilling Planks (4 pieces in a set, in various sizes)

2 x Wild Fennel Co. seasoning sachets (make your selection)

1 x Black Satin Glaze, 230g jar - dark soy and sesame flavour for all meats

Perfectly presented in a black gift box with black tissue wrapping nested on wood wool with ribbon, twine and your personal gift message.
Each Wild Fennel Co. sachet contains a unique crafted food seasoning for 2-3 family sized meals and can safely be extended to vegan diets; versatile to use with any dish from tofu to tempeh, quinoa to kedgeree. Be creative, or simple, but never boring!
Choose two from this wonderful range of seasonings:

Mustard - Onion - Tarragon

A robust, aromatic blend with a sweet finish. 

Juniper Berry - Pink Peppercorn - Fennel
Try with steak, burger patties or a beef stew. Or season roasted vegetables, a baked camembert or garlic flat bread.
Cocoa - Five Spice - Chilli
A rich, flavoursome seasoning with a dark chocolatey base.  Try dusting on pan-seared venison loin, or add exotic flavour to meatballs. Beautiful flavour for roasted beetroot.
Sumac - Cumin - Mustard

A dry, salty seasoning with citrus fruit notes.  Try on lamb chops, roasted leg of lamb, potato wedges, or grilled fresh fish.

Smoked Paprika - Cayenne - Garlic

A vibrant, smokey rub with a spicy kick.  Try on barbecue ribs, pulled pork shoulder or loin chops. Add unique flavour to roasted peanuts, or a cheese toastie.

Sweet Paprika - Dill - Coriander

A colourful sweet seasoning. Try on a pan-seared salmon or flavour plain natural yoghurt to create a beautiful dip or accompaniment.

Coconut - Curry - Caraway
An exotic Indian-inspired seasoning for shellfish.  Try on pan-seared scallops, prawn skewers or create a dreamy seafood chowder.


Cooking on Planks - a Quick Lesson: 
Soak the planks first in water for at least 30 minutes prior to grilling. 
There are a couple of different ways: the longer the food cooks, the more time it has to get saturated with the wood's flavor, so with meat that can cope with slow cooking like chicken or pork, keep the planks on a medium heat for a longer cooking time.
With fish and prawns, or steak that you want to cook quickly, pre-heat an empty plank over the hot side of the grill. Allow it to blacken and smoke, then flip the plank, place the food on the charred side, and move it to the cool side of the grill, cover, and cook. This method of using a scorched and smoking plank ensures the food picks up a deep wood flavour in a quick amount of time.

This makes a superb Father's Day gift as the summer weather approaches. A unique corporate gift idea for the 'board' of directors. A novel, memorable foodie gift for the on trend home chef. A wood fifth wedding anniversary gift idea for him representing strength and a solidified relationship. Wood is the traditional gift for a 5th wedding anniversary gift. See more gift and celebration ideas for a traditional special anniversary gift. Our wooden box packaging is perfect for this.

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