Life of the Party

by Gift Saint

$75.00 NZD

Girls love receiving the brands they recognise and these perfectly polished performers won’t disappoint!

1 x Delfonics coin & card pouch with gold zip - choose from a rainbow of colour options

1 x Kester Black ethical nail polish - choose a party shade for her

1 x Ocho artisan chocolate, 40g bar - we'll choose!

Presented in a wooden gift box with sliding lid, with your personal message on a card! 


Delfonics Quitterie Zip Pouch. Undeniable style from Japan. Durable and waterproof with a scotch grain texture. Designed for everyday or travel use. With a high quality YKK zip and gold letter branding, it's the details that make the difference (142 x 105 x 15mm).

Kester Black super gloss nail polish. She'll be won over by the smooth application, chip-resistant finish and long-wearing colour.  And the colours...oh my. Perfect shades that strike the nail on the horn.  We've picked out 12 stunning colours that we'd love ourselves:

Poppy - turn up the beet with this deep burgundy shade that smacks of mulberry jam and red grapes

Peace Talks - soft dreamy lilac, like a rose bud in spring

Fairy Floss - lilac is a feminine and flirty; it also sets off a great tan

Champagne - sparkling gold luxe

Typhoon - teal has appeal

Periwinkle - a deep, dark navy blue - confident and high fashion.

Pinot Noir - just the classy, sophisticated red every girl needs when she's feeling brazen.

Quartz - this colour scored a win at the Beauty Awards 2017. It's a purplish grey that feels edgy but not too cold.

Paris Texas - an oasis in the desert - the ultimate dusty grey-brown in the midst of a sandstorm. 

Pulp Fiction - a punchy cool-toned red dedicated to the hot-blooded renegade in all of us. Channel your inner Mia Wallace and let loose with this cult classic. 

Soot - this oh-so edgy charcoal is the slate colour of the urban jungle, and we love love love it.


Each nail polish comes in its own little box.

We have adopted Kester Black for many other good reasons too. It's a completely vegan formulation; ethically prepared, and cruelty-free (yes believe it or not, some cosmetics use fish scales and crushed beetles for their iridescence!). 

State your chocolate preference in the Gift Message box when you check out.