Super Dog Chew

by Gift Saint

$29.00 NZD

For the four-legged family member, we have a special gift. This popular squeaky toy is made from extra tough, genuine leather hide. It looks good and designed to withstand vigorous chewing. Perfect for a new puppy gift!

With a sturdy rope handle for tugging and the appealing scent of raw animal hide - it will keep a dog busy for months.

Each toy has the squeaker in a different spot just to keep the action alive a bit longer. Send a different design each time.

PS. These toys also look stylish around the house - far easier on the eyes and the environment than bright ugly plastic. A truly feel good gift idea!

Bone = 210mm x 125mm

Heart = 135mm x 150mm

Squiggle = 125mm x 140mm  (designed for little mouths in mind)