Latté Lab

by Gift Saint

$72.00 NZD

With winter approaching, a gift with health benefits is a really kind thought. These super-charged hot drink blends offer something exciting and different to try, but best of all, are a favour to mind and body. Caffeine-free, they can be enjoyed with any type of milk to suit  different dietary needs. 

With a Fressko flask, it's a heads up for good health that's right on trend and ready to take anywhere.

Your gift includes:

1 x Made by Fressko insulated drink flask. Choose from 3 style options. BPA free, leakproof, with in-built infuser. Take hot or cold drinks to work or on the move. Designed for carrying tea, coffee, fruit waters, smoothies, juices or mineral water in style. 

1 x Latté Lab Blend - 15 serves in a packet. Select from 3 exciting blends: Matcha, Red Velvet or Tumeric. You can include more if you wish - just message us.

Beautifully presented by Gift Saint in a black gift box with wood wool and twine.


Fressko Flask comes in different sizes - choose from four great options:

Rise Flask - 300ml - For the style conscious, morning commuter.

Tour Flask - 400ml - For the tea enthusiast, and day-tripper.

Rush Bamboo Flask - 300ml - For the fashionable, caffeine lover.

Latte Lab choices:

MATCHA BLEND - A carefully crafted blend of Matcha, Lucuma, Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean Powder.

BENEFITS - Matcha Green Tea powder boasts 137 x the anitoxidants than regular green tea. Matcha’s other potential superpowers include its ability to improve metabolism, boost energy, aid focus and concentration as well as strengthen immunity.

RED VELVET BLEND - A carefully crafted organic blend of Beetroot Powder, Cacao, Vanilla Bean Powder + Spices.

BENEFITS - Both beetroot and cacao are known for their anti-inflammatory and energising superpowers. Beetroot also offers powerful detoxifying support to both the blood and liver.

TURMERIC BLEND - A carefully crafted blend of Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom and Black Pepper.

BENEFITS The powerful healing properties of turmeric have long been associated with Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. This golden super spice has been used an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, immune booster and much more – it’s Google worthy! We’ve added black pepper to assist absorption and ensure you get the maximum benefit.