Home Sweet Home

by Gift Saint

$69.00 NZD $89.00 NZD

A welcome box with special flavours to make a celebration platter. A swipe of glittering gold mustard is a lavish accompaniment to cold meats and cheeses. Award winning Pinot Noir quince jelly, a gorgeous tapas plate and knife with an ornament for provenance.


1 x Taste of the Alps Pinot Noir Quince Jelly

1 x Taste of Paris Gold Mustard with Truffle Oil

2 x Wild Fennel seasonings (choose from cow, pig, sheep, salmon or chicken)

1 x Nicolas Vahe round slate serving board

1 x Twig paté knife/spreader in stainless steel with brass handle

1 xThe Nutcracker hanging ornament

Beautifully packaged in a white presentation gift box with ribbon.


Use the gorgeous slate board and spreader for serving cheeses and antipasti along with the sparkling gold mustard and quince jelly. So even after the food has gone they'll still have the serving accessories.

Wild Fennel seasonings make it easy to decide what's for dinner. Simply rub into your choice of meat, from steaks, chops or even meatballs, and the flavours will instantly enhance your cooking. 

Each Wild Fennel Co. sachet contains a unique crafted food seasoning for 2-3 family sized meals and can safely be extended to vegan diets; versatile to use with any dish from tofu to tempeh, quinoa to kedgeree. Be creative, or simple, but never boring!
Choose two from this wonderful range of seasonings:

Mustard - Onion - Tarragon

A robust, aromatic blend with a sweet finish. 

Juniper Berry - Pink Peppercorn - Fennel
Try with steak, burger patties or a beef stew. Or season roasted vegetables, a baked camembert or garlic flat bread.
Sumac - Cumin - Mustard

A dry, salty seasoning with citrus fruit notes.  Try on lamb chops, roasted leg of lamb, potato wedges, or grilled fresh fish.

Smoked Paprika - Cayenne - Garlic

A vibrant, smokey rub with a spicy kick.  Try on barbecue ribs, pulled pork shoulder or loin chops. Add unique flavour to roasted peanuts, or a cheese toastie.

Sweet Paprika - Dill - Coriander

A colourful sweet seasoning. Try on a pan-seared salmon or flavour plain natural yoghurt to create a beautiful dip or accompaniment.