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Eco-friendly gifts are top of the list for 2022!!!

Mindful folk will love these metal drinking straws and honey waxed food wraps. Ban the plastic and get on the eco band wagon!


Gift box includes:

1 x CaliWoods Set of Reusable Straws 

2 x Honey Wrap large reusable food cloth (replaces plastic cling wrap)

1 x J.Friend & Co. Native Botanicals New Zealand Honey Tasting Trio in glass pots

Presented in a reusable wooden gift box with sliding lid.


Switch to REUSABLE:

Everyday we throw away enough plastic straws that, if joined end-to-end, they would go around the equator of Earth 2.5 times.  Reusables are more eco and they look nicer too.

Plastic Never Goes Away. Every single plastic straw that was ever made, still exists today in some form. It has just broken down into smaller pieces. Marine life and birds are now mistaking these little pieces for food. They can't digest the plastic in their stomach and end up in a lot of pain. Many birds and fish, even whales, are dying from eating plastic. Plastic has now made its way into the human food chain. Eww. 


A word from the founder of J.Friend & Co NZ artisan honey:

"It has always been important that our honey reflect our values of honesty and integrity. Whilst significantly restricting the beekeepers we can work with, being certified organic has afforded us a niche point of view from which to start a conversation with our customers. We are also committed to reducing our negative impact on the environment and ensuring the planet's future survival for generations to come. This is why we are part of the carbonsouth certification program."