Fressko Flask

by Gift Saint

$49.95 NZD

Suitable for both hot & cold beverages, BPA free, leakproof, bamboo lid, 2 in 1 Fressko Infuser. Use for Tea, Coffee, Fruit Waters, Smoothies, Juices. Water.

Fressko Rise Flask - 300ml - For the style conscious, morning commuter.

Fressko Tour Flask - 400ml - For the tea enthusiast, and day-tripper.

Fressko Lift Flask - 500ml - For the free spirit, and thoughtful entertainer.

Fressko Rush Bamboo Flask - 300ml - For the fashionable, caffeine lover.


How do I clean my made by Fressko Flask?

We recommend washing the bamboo lids in warm soapy water and then air dry. Feel free to place the glass portion of the flasks in your dishwasher… but like all glass products, handle with love!

How do I use my made by Fressko Flask?

Fressko flasks are designed to be simple and versatile.
It can conveniently be used for all your favourite beverages! Simply add loose leaf tea or a tea-bag to the long infuser, screw on the short infuser. Pop it in the flask, click into place and add boiling water.
For fruit water, add fruit, click the short infuser into place, fill with icy water and enjoy!

Do I need to purchase an infuser?

No you don’t! All glass flasks come with the 2 in 1 infuser. 

What is a tea infuser / filter?

The Fressko infuser is the stainless steel device that pops nicely into your Fressko and allows the tasty liquid to pass through the tiny holes without letting any of the pips, leaves or fruits through. Its what makes a Fressko, oh so versatile.

What does flask mean?

A flask is a fancy name for cannister, a water bottle or a tumbler.

Can I use my flask for both hot and cold beverages?

You sure can! All of our flasks are designed to suit both hot and cold drinks. The GLASS RANGE will keep beverages hot for up to FOUR hours (dependant on use).


Idea gift for busy people, yoga and fitness mums, girlfriends, and the bamboo style is a mint idea for a wooden 5th wedding anniversary gift.