East Imperial Mixers

by Gift Saint

$5.00 NZD

Hearken back to the original tonic formula that British Army officers first invented.

The combination of quinine, sugar and water was created in India as a daily tonic to act as a malaria prophylaxis. Gin was later added to the mix to mask the strong and bitter taste of the quinine water. 189 years on, the humble gin and tonic has come a very long way.

The overly sweet citric acid soft drinks of our time have crept in and replaced that genuine, traditional tonic water. These modern drinks completely mask the herbaceous aromas of premium gin and other spirits, manipulating the role that tonic water now plays in modern mixology.

East Imperial is a collection curated like no other, with unparalleled quality and taste. You wouldn't put cheap, low quality tires on an Aston Martin. East Imperial's collection is led by our Old World Tonic Water. This signature beverage aims to put the heritage, integrity and authenticity of original tonic water back into your tumbler.

Inspired by a 1903 recipe, East Imperial Tonic Waters are small batched and blended using all natural Asian sourced ingredients, New Zealand artesian spring water and a cold filled process. This traditional method of production ensures that the freshness and the subtleties of the botanicals are protected, taking tonic water back to its origins.

Select one or more for your gift box. Each bottle is a single 150ml size:

  • Old World Tonic Water
  • Yuzu Tonic Water
  • Grapefruit Tonic Water
  • Soda Water
  • Grapefruit Soda Water