Bootleg Beef Jerky

by Bootleg

$7.00 NZD

The all natural meat snack is the perfect addition to any of your "Build you Own" Gift Boxes, NZ made using NZ Prime Grass fed Beef.... They will not be complaining.....


MANUKAYAKI - When the big shot bootlegger and a Japanese mob boss make a business deal, this is the result - a unique Teriyaki-flavoured Jerky hand-made by the brothers and mouth-watering enough to be traded for premium Japanese hooch in the swankiest of speakeasies along the foggy Chicago River. 

The brothers knew their onions...if they failed to produce a unique Jerky made from prime, grass-fed New Zealand beef soaked in the finest Japanese soy sauce, Great Barrier Island Manuka honey, rice vinegar, ginger, garlic and sesame to smother the tongue in a sweet but tangy experience, they had to prepare for a kisser full of lead and a Chicago overcoat.

The result? Oishii!