These are some of the questions customers ask us frequently:

Q.  Can I order several gifts and send to multiple addresses?

A.  Yes absolutely.  Even though the checkout doesn't have a separate address field for each product, you can enter further instructions in either the "Special Instructions" box or send us your order manually by email.

Q.  Help!  I am worried that the person I sent the gift to has been billed by mistake.  After I made the payment, I received an email from Paypal addressed to the person I sent the gift to, and the billing address was showing the same as the shipping address.

A.  Please be assured your gift recipient will not receive any payment advice. As a convenience, PayPal Express fills out the billing address fields with the buyer’s shipping address. Even though it appears as if Paypal has billed your recipient, you have no need to worry. It is just a little Shopify shortcut that won't cause an issue at our end.

Q.  Can you please make sure there is no invoice or receipt enclosed with my gift delivery?
A.  We never post invoices with gifts.  When a customer places an order through the web store they receive only an automated confirmation digitally.  

Q.  Can I mix products from different boxes?

A.  Yes only it will take a little longer.  Just email us with your request and we will reply with a quote.  Bear in mind that size affects shipping so if your box becomes bigger so will the cost of sending.  We do our best to offer the minimum rate.  Our Add-On section provides a selection of easy gift box extras.

Q.  Can I have a tax invoice?

A.  Yes.  We are registered for GST and your order confirmation email will contain all the tax information you require.

Q.  Do you have a same day delivery service?

A.  No. We use commercial couriers who collect from our store and take 1-3 days. Occasionally we can manage a same-day service in Dunedin where we are located.  Please contact us first 0273203722.