Spiegelau Pilsner Set

by Spieglau

$99.00 NZD

Sure a lot of people like to drink from the bottle, but serving up a beer in a proper glass is a nice touch.

1 x Set of 4 Quality Pilsner Beer Glasses. 

The perfect gift for the person who seeks the full beer experience. These are the "go-to" vessel for enjoying a cold Pislner.

We will gift-wrap in paper and ribbon with your message on a card.


The Craft Pilsner Glass is the newest addition to the Spiegelau Craft Beer range.

Working with the renowned Austrian brewery Trumer Privatbrauerei a special glass has now been developed that perfects the pilsner beer experience. In countless design and tasting workshops, the glass experts at Spiegelau joined forces with pilsner experts from Trumer as well as a group of beer sommelier graduates to finalize the crystal glass, which is customized to accentuate the aromatic structure of pilsner beers. The shape of the glass is designed to help release the delicate hops aromas. It provides the ideal balance between bitter and residual sweetness to deliver pure refreshment and inspire you to enjoy sip after sip. 

4 glass set in a gift box.

Height: 205 mm
Volume: 380 ml


Make a customised gift hamper by putting a glass set with a stylish bottle opener, a Gourmet Gift or BBQ Box and some unique NZ craft beers from Emerson's.