Spiegelau Beer Tulip Set

by Spieglau

$69.00 NZD

Sure a lot of people like to drink from the bottle, but serving up a beer in a proper glass is a nice touch.

1 x Set of 2 German quality craft beer glasses. 

The perfect gift for the person who seeks the full beer experience. These are the "go-to" vessel for enjoying a cold Pislner.

We will gift-wrap in paper and ribbon with your message on a card.


The Spiegelau Beer Tulip not only enhances the hop flavour in Pilsner style beers but also supports the malty character of bolder beers like strong Stouts! The open mouth allows for an intense release of flavours.

Height: 155mm
Vol: 440ml
Diameter: 90mm


Make a customised gift hamper by putting a glass set with a stylish bottle opener, a Gourmet Gift or BBQ Box and some unique NZ craft beers from Emerson's or New New New.