Shark Bell Beer Box

by Gift Saint

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$80.00 NZD

Our limited edition gift of local Emerson's craft beer in cans is superb for the holiday season. Packed into a tough eco-friendly cooler bag, and the essential Kiwi chocky fish, it's a great gift choice that will earn you mega points:

1 x Kollab collection mini cooler bag (black or green)

6 x Emerson's Brewery Shark Bell, 330ml cans

1 x Craft Chocolate Fish, hand made iconic NZ deliciousness


About the beer:

This Kolsch style beer gets its inspo from the hardy St Clair surfer and the one thing that will persuade them out of the surf... the shark bell. Refreshing, crisp and zesty. ABV 5%.

Shark Bell is Emerson's latest celebrity after its famous Pilsner. Commissioned especially by Air New Zealand, the cans are served to passengers on Koru Hour flights.  We are thrilled to offer this refreshing new beer for Christmas. Read more about Emerson's Shark Bell here.

About the bag:

Durable, washable eco cooler bag made from raw material, natural fibre pulp without any harmful substances. The material is recyclable, with premium insulation. 

Designed with sustainablity, practicality, and our planet in mind. Kollab takes environmentally friendly to a whole new level. 

  • Size: L 22cm, H, D 14.5cm
  • double zip closure
  • leather handles