Vodka Rocks

by Gift Saint

$135.00 NZD

Make your gift a rather special bottle of vodka from award winning Cardrona Distillery with a pair of sommelier quality glasses and a tasting of dark Ocho craft chocolate in unique botanical flavours.  This stunning gift set has 'pure NZ' allure and is presented in a classic wooden gift box with wood wool and tissue.  Contains:

1 x 750ml bottle of 'the reid' single malt vodka, ​abv 44%

2 x Schott Zwiesel Titan Crystal Tumblers (optional)

2 x 40g Ocho NZ made artisan chocolate blocks


'The Reid' is a beautifully crafted vodka.  Smooth and clean but with enough complexity and flavor that you can actually sip it on its own or on the rocks like a top shelf Japanese Shochu. It is inviting on the nose with a sweet banana aroma and notes of biscuit and banoffee.  The finish is cool and sweet with the slightest hint of heat.  

Made from just three ingredients: Scottish two-row barley, yeast and pure local Cardrona alpine water.  This is a newcomer to the vodka market but is arguably one of the best you'll come across.

If your preference is gin rather than vodka then see 'Always Gin' which contains The Source gin from Cardona Distillery in a similar gift set.