Always Gin

by Gift Saint

$155.00 NZD

We may be biased but this is the best gin we've ever had.  Wonderfully crisp, strangely sweet, and aromatic The Source is the ultimate tonic partner. No question some obvious skill goes into its creation.

Impressive, elegant and convivial - it is a fine bottle to gift, a veritable beauty; as a summer aperitif or late night refresher.  

To complement this we offer the ideal glassware - a pair of fine rocks glasses (these are optional, make your selection).

And for a novel taste pairing, you'll be giving two tastings of Ocho chocolate in honey, horopito and kawakawa berry flavours. This superior artisan chocolate provides a heady dark cacao experience, with unique botanical ingredients. A nice way to finish.

Your fabulous gift box contains:

1 x 'The Source' - pure Cardrona gin, abv 47%, 750 ml bottle

2 x Schott Zwiesel Titan Crystal lowball tumblers (optional)

2 x 40g Ocho NZ artisan crafted chocolate blocks 

Beautifully presented in a wooden gift box, nestled in wood wool and black tissue. 


Gold Medal Winner at the New York Wine & Spirits Awards 2016, The Source pure gin from the Cardrona Distillery Wanaka has been forged by the four seasons that blow through the Cardrona Valley.  The Source harnesses the very best of traditional and local Cardrona botanicals; juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, lemon and orange zest give classical backbone to The Source.  Seasonal rose hip, first brought to our Valley by the Chinese, imparts the character and history of our place.  Both copper pot and column distillation for a unique and rare New Zealand Gin.  

We are excited to be adding Cardrona Distillery products to our 2017 gift range.

For those who prefer vodka to gin, we have the Vodka Rocks gift set containing The Reid vodka.





The Source Cardona Distillery Gin. Fine hampers and gift delivery NZ.