Raise a Glass to Dad

You'd think we Gift Saint folk would have Father's Day nailed when it comes to our own Dads.

We don't. We both left it to the very last minute, oops. Busy with work, busy with kids...It's not that we don't think Dad is super important, but it's an event that we risk under-performing at. Dad will love us no matter what. 

The lovely thing for us though, is that we do get to prepare gifts for others. Some of the special messages that we write are incredibly touching. And the boxes customers are creating from our Start from Scratch have shown us just how personal giving can be when people know someone well.

Every father, stepdad and grandfather has their own style and their own way to ‘father’. The modern Dad is using skincare products, cooking up a storm and is aware of the environment. His taste for things is becoming more refined.

You'll be surprised how easy it is buy for the man who you think already has everything. Here are our Top 10 gifts for him:



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