Please Kids, Not Socks - love Dad xx

Wondering what to do for Father's Day?  If you think your Dad could do with a sense of humour think again. From the time you and your siblings popped onto the scene, he's smiled his way through sleepless nights, tantrums, toilet mishaps, chicken pox, school reports, credit card statements, and the ups and downs of your relationships. And how about the times when he thought you'd finally left home, only to have you and your boxes of stuff back again...if he didn't laugh, he'd cry.

And then of course is Father's Day. That awesome Sunday that comes in September, when we surprise Dad with slippers or a book about the top golf resorts of the world.  The irony is hilarious.  He'd love to relax in his slippers but he's already being dragged out to breakfast (where he gets to foot the bill).  And let's face it, the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Golf Resort - yeah right!  He's still paying for the second family wagon.

Imagine the shock if your Dad said to you, "Hey my lovely daughter, for Father's Day this year can I have a new set of Callaway golf clubs?".  Of course, no intelligent Dad would ask this as he knows it will ultimately backfire on him.  But think about the times when Dad has managed to provide you with your requests and the happiness he actually feels in doing that - it's genuine and it's love.  We should be so grateful for it.

So this Father's Day, put a lot more love than ever into what you do for Dad. We've got some fantastic ideas for you at Gift Saint. Ways to make Dad feel a little more appreciated than socks and slippers. 

Our modern hamper concept is like opening a shopping bag of exciting gifts artfully arranged into thoughtful bundles. We put things together that we've selected very carefully - useful things that are just that little bit special - not just ordinary supermarket stuff. We work with reputable brands to give our gift boxes a luxurious feel. Gifts start at $35 and can be delivered to Dad with a message, or sent to you to give him in person. Add-on's are also an option to further personalise your gift and if you see something you want to tweak, just contact us at and we'll be only to happy to assist.

Here's some lovely options: 

Ice Ice Baby: Emerson's Beer, Chiller Bag, Beef Jerky and Chocolate $89

Smooth Operator: Leather Orbit Key and Izola brass cufflinks $99

Caffeine Hit: Dick Frizzell travel cup, Harpoon Cold Brew and Ocho chocolate $35

Spit & Polish: Citta leather trim wash bag, Izola luggage tag, Laknides liquorice and Gentleman's design soap $125

A Wee Tipple: The Quick Brown Fox coffee liqueur and Honey & Walnut Panforte $95

Dapper: Citta shave bag, Therapy Man shaving cream and Boar Bristle brush from $69 (with shoe horn $89)

BBQ Boss: Oak grilling planks, Black Satin meat glaze, Chilli salt grinder, Canterbury Biltong, teflon grill sheets, tongs, apron and BBQ scraper $99

Head of the Table: Andre Verdier carving set. A classic choice at $59

Just a few of thoughtful ideas to save you time.  Check out the rest of our hampers and gifts especially prepared with Dad in mind at 







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