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This morning began with grouchiness. I'm embarrassed to admit it but that's actually standard in our household during the school holidays. I wake up with a mind to live the elusive dream i.e. begin the day with a morning jog, clear the mind and achieve, achieve, achieve!  But as I attempt to trot out the door, I spy the mess from the night before, cups and crumbs and dear God, just BITS, all over the place. The OCD in me stirs.  I'll clear that up later...I'm going for a jog.

Just thinking, I'll be out most of today. I'd be wise to pick all the socks up off the floor and start a load of washing.  And I should start the dishwasher too. The last cups need to go in. Is that a chewed up Easter egg box in the dog's bed? Jeepers, who left him that?! The dog is staring at me now, licking his lips and wagging his tail like nobody's business. I pick up a certain boy's hoodie covered in chocolate and grass stains and the OCD is nagging within me, wash this immediately! Internal tug of war going on here but the laundry loses. I need to get out the door and come back happier, oxygenated and calm. The till rings.

Online commerce is amazing. At any time of day you can shop or be open for business. People can't see what mood you "the shopkeeper", or the state your hair is in.  Mine by the way is desperately in need of a root touch up.  But the person who just bought something online didn't see that. Because the virtual store front is ever presentable and friendly!

I nudge the basket of folded washing into the path of my sleeping family, so they'll trip over it if they don't see it. It would be a small miracle if they put their washing away but I choose to live in hope. I set off jogging in the cool autumn darkness. 

As I run past houses I smell shampoo wafting out of bathroom windows, toast cooking, and the stirrings of households preparing for their day.  I feel a satisfied buzz that someone was up choosing a gift from our website as I was sighing over dirty socks. Or that someone right now is searching Google to find a gift and that they might end up in our shop from halfway across New Zealand, or the world!

In the crazy dynamics of modern life, it's the norm to wake up with a load on your mind, especially if you're a parent. At Gift Saint, we're attracted to the ideal of #becomingminimalist - of decluttering life, "de-complicating" if there is such a thing, and keeping things simple.

I'm sure I'm not the only mother to begin her day grouchy (and the thought does occur to me that this is why teenagers sleep in!) but what I have to say in our defence, is that it comes from the best intentions - to be loved, adored, appreciated, maybe even admired. What was it I said earlier, something about miracles?

This Mother's Day, indulge your own slightly manic mum.  Let her know you think she's all good. Every once in a while it's important to understand where she's coming from. She's trying to keep fit, keep you fed, keep up to date and keep her sanity.  

We have some wonderfully sensitive gifts to keep the grouchiness at bay.  Keep it simple with our inspired selections. See our Mothers Day Collection or our complete range For Her.

Happy gift giving

Tess & Alex


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