Create the Perfect Gift

It's worth the effort

The reason we believe in gifts so much is that the effects of giving are so positive. Not just in the material handing over of value, but in making an effort to show you value someone; showing you've taken time to think about who they are and what makes them happy.

We're complicated beings, we humans. When we say "don't bother, it's just another day" or "I don't want a fuss" about our birthday - is it what we really mean? There are times when a gift can speak a thousand words when the right words are hard to find. A gift on the doorstep that says, 'Take care of yourself; we're thinking of you' is a simple way to let them know they're in your thoughts when time or distance can make it hard to catch up.

Our gift hampers are designed to feel personal. You can put things together your own way by combining sets or requesting specific items that you like from our store. If there's a brand we stock but you can't see an item you're after then we can order that in for you. Allowing us a little time in advance is best. 

Our latest new goodies bring even more lovely options to play around with. A timeless photo frame to display a favourite memory, a sexy gold cocktail shaker for mixing up mojitos, organic tea and chai for a wellness treat, honey wraps for storing cheese and snacks, rejuvenating spa soaks and skin & nail treats, luxurious housecoats for the Queen-of-the-Day and artisan Oamaruvian whiskey for the Peaky Blinders fanCheck our New-in-Store collection as we are continually introducing new gift ideas.

Happy giving!

Tess & Alex ✨



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