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Winter update

Greetings All,

I am lucky enough to be writing from the comfort of a warm kitchen while Alex - our chief stylist - is stuck at Auckland Airport and my husband is similarly parked on the tarmac at Dunedin, waiting for the ice to soften (he just texted to say "delayed for birds now"!). I'm going to wait an hour or so too before I brave the frosty roads. The shining light in all of this frustration is our little friend, Wi-Fi, whom I'm pretty sure 90% of those stranded passengers are engaged with while they wait.


Love or hate the use of electronic devices, they have innovated modern existence like no other phenomenon. I've used my cheque book possibly three times in the past ten years and I automatically defer to Google for recipes, despite my past obsession with cook books. Convenience and avoidance of clutter is so desirable in a busy world. One small phone, in all it's shapes and forms, has become our life saviour.


This month we're asking our readers to submit a Google review of our gifts and service. It's how we get found by others and we hope, if we've been a help to you, that you won't mind recommending us to others.  Here's the link when you can spare a moment:


Stay warm and happy gift giving

Tess, Kylie & Alex




Breast Cancer Awareness - Pink Ribbon Breakfast

This is a huge charity campaign run by the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation to fund life-saving research that may one day save the lives of precious mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and loved-ones.  Many of us know someone who has been affected.

GiftSaint was delighted to be involved with the Pink Ribbon Breakfast 2016 appeal by contributing to gift prizes offered by some wonderful hosts.  Pippa Wetzell and Toni Street from Seven Sharp were among 2888 generous party hosts who collectively raised $683,168 at last count.  An amazing effort.



Hip Hooray gift box complete with The Caker ready mix, platter, cake server and napkins

The Caker

Jordan Rondel has developed a huge following for her wholesome yet decadent cake creations.  Known as "The Caker" she has written two recipe books, recently becoming a contributor to Sunday Magazine and 

Her unconventional use of ingredients continually inspires others to bake for enjoyment and good health.  But for those who want an easier fix, she has opened a cafe on K-Road in Auckland (read more here) and produces ready-mix cakes that you can whisk up at home with the least amount of effort.  Our Hip Hooray gift box includes a Caker mix of your choice, paper napkins, cake server, platter or candle. Such a lovely way to mark a celebration.

Maude wine box complete with J friend honey cheese pairing, paneforte and other delectables

Maude Pinot Noir 2014 scores 96/100

Tim White of the Australian Financial Review gave the Maude Pinot Noir 2014 a big thumbs up in his recent tasting read here - a huge accolade, and we know it sits beautifully amongst our products. It's so important to feel that you are giving high quality gifts.




Giving great gifts is easy

The GiftSaint concept is to provide the kind of shopping service you don't have time for. We take all the best products from different manufacturers and conveniently bring them together to make wonderful gift boxes. From artisan foods, home decor and charming personal items like cufflinks, jewellery and room scents - you can give truly special gifts that reflect your sentiments perfectly.  Visit our online store today 


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