Cinderella and the Easter Bunny

There's something cosy and wholesome about Easter. Maybe it's the cooler weather, or that the shops are closed, making us want to hide under fluffy bed covers, devour chocolate and watch movies. For me, it's the pause before winter arrives and a chance to catch up on myself. It's a break from work and social engagements, time to watch the sun rise, light the fire, make pumpkin soup and eat warm hot cross buns.

It's been a busy month at Gift Saint. We have shifted premises and we've also given birth to a new website.  We hope you like the fresh new look as well as the exciting new product lines. Browse the site and bookmark ideas for future gift occasions.  Some of our customers keep a list of important dates with us and we are happy to provide free reminder service. It's our way of promoting the art of giving. Don't be shy to email us with your suggestions - your feedback is so important to us.  

Our new gift products Cinderella, Mama Bear and Open Home are three thoughtful little nods For Her - the person who fluffs up the cushions and keeps a warm nest. We're sure you'll know a special someone who fits that glass slipper. Why not spoil her...?

Enjoy Easter,

Tess, Kylie & Alex


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